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:heart:I-I'll do anything for you.... m-my love....:heart:
<none due to lack of activity from lover's account>

<pffft, you thought she had a crush on someone-
-dun dun dun- soon>

.:F.A.C.E. Family:. "I will be there for you guys, no matter what, you are my family~"

M-My friends w-would never hurt me....

:icona-clockwork-dragon: "I have no idea how they couldn't hear us- And, you owe me for that water, China..."

:iconthe-southern-italian: "Well.... The past is the past, and we need to look to the future. Let's forget about all that happened.."

Just to make it clear...... You are NOT to go near ME, or my FAMILY, or my FRIENDS.
<pff u thought she had enimies->

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{{So like
I've been looking at the RomanoXCanada (Romanada) fan art on deviantArt and it makes me happy to know that the ship is becoming rlly popular since it's my otp~ (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*)
I wish I had a Romano for this account omg that would be cute (٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)
But, whatever happens happens, I guess for this account. | ू*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)。oO }}
{{-sighs happily-}}
{{So like
I've been looking at the RomanoXCanada (Romanada) fan art on deviantArt and it makes me happy to know that the ship is becoming rlly popular since it's my otp~ (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*)
I wish I had a Romano for this account omg that would be cute (٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)
But, whatever happens happens, I guess for this account. | ू*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)。oO }}
{{Well- apparently deviant art now has an app guys-
ê u ê
That means I can actually start responding to people even when I'm not home! c:
I'm s o excited omfg }}
Ooc - Goin' mobile?!?
{{Well- apparently deviant art now has an app guys-
ê u ê
That means I can actually start responding to people even when I'm not home! c:
I'm s o excited omfg }}

{{In celebration of the new season of The Walking Dead; I decided to make a little rp based upon the tv show The Walking Dead
 The new episode was so good gaaaaah~
 That, and I also wanted something somewhat Halloween related- eue;;
Well, enjoy~! <3}}

    Madeline stood in the empty place that was once her home, looking out the window as she saw walkers approach her home. She felt that there was no hope now. No one was there with her, no one was there to help her, she was defenseless. All she could think was to just run and never come back; but her body stood stiff. She was in too much shock to move. She wanted to scream and call for help, but her voice wasn’t working. Not that it was any use anyway, no one was around to even hear her cries for help. She kept hearing distant gunshots, but they were too distant in order to have someone help. Those shots kept quickly fading once she would hear the close groans from the walkers approaching her home. But, those groans soon turned into sounds of walkers rocking and banging onto the door and windows. This was it, it had t be it. They were gonna come in, and they were definitely gonna get her. But, suddenly, she gained control of her body, causing her to immediately run to the kitchen to grab food and water, run upstairs, and run right into the bathroom. She locked the door and moved some things within the bathroom to cover the door, and soon hopping into the bathtub. All she could do now is sit and wait for either the walkers to clear, or wait for someone to save her.

    With all the exhausting work of running, she felt herself get tired. She really did not want to sleep in a predicament like this... But, she can’t do anything at this point but to sleep. So, she soon ended up falling asleep within the tub, hoping that soon, the walkers would clear.

    A few hours pass, and she wakes. She sits within the bathtub still, but no longer hears any walkers, and just silence. She stretched out a bit and yawned, after a while of realizing it was silent, she quickly ran to a nearby window, looking out and seeing just an empty neighborhood. She really to yell, though her throat seemed a bit strained from the panic and running. “.....Help...” She whispered and soon began to break into a fit of tears, slipping back into the tub and curling up in a fetal position. She slipped her head in between her arms, continuously weeping as she thought of there being no hope. That is, until, she heard someone walking. It wasn’t the sound of a walker, but the sound of a human walking. She sat up and looked out the window again, seeing no one though. Soon after hearing someone knock and enter within her home. She shook a bit as she continued to hear footsteps walk all round downstairs and soon began to come upstairs, towards her room and other rooms. Her heart stopped and her breathing stopped once she heard someone approach the bathroom door.

    She only hoped that this person was someone who could help her.

Madeline was walking home from a very cold night, completely forgetting her coat at home due to the fact that the weatherman said that it was going to be a nice night. A chill ran through her body once a gust of wind blew, causing her hair to wave and showing the back of her neck, making her even more cold than before. “G-Gah-!” She gasped at the cold feeling and hugged herself tighter to get warmer. Sure, she was wearing a long sleeved shirt; but with it being so cold out, it was like she was wearing a dress in the winter! Her nose was red, along with her cheeks and ears. Her main goal was to get home, drink some tea and sit in front of the tv for the rest of the night with her warm blanket and maybe get some rest. Though, she had a couple more blocks until she actually got home.. Madeline placed her hands up to her mouth and breathed a bit into her hands in order to gain some heat. “I-It’s like below z-zero tonight...” She thought to herself as he soon shoved her hands under her arms. Just then, another gust of wind hit, though this time causing her to accidentally run into some. “A-AH-!! I-I’m so sorry, um- S-Sir... Or M’am...” She said quietly before looking up to the stranger, but soon getting a bit of recognition from the strangers face. She squinted a bit in order to actually get a good view of the other. “.....[Characters name]...?” She said quietly as she finally understood who was standing in front of her. Finally! Maybe they can give her some warmth!

{{If you would like to respond, please, be my guest! I haven’t been active lately, but I really want to be active and so; here’s an rp for you~! c: <33 }}



Madeline Williams
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Name: Madeline M. Williams
Height: 5'3ft
Weight: 140 pounds
Country: Canada
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: 19
S/O: Pansexual (Only cares of personality)
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blonde/Orange (manga)
Dark Blonde (Axis Powers and World Series anime)
Blonde (Beautiful World anime)
Capital: Ottawa
Language(s): French, English, Canadian-French
Skin Tone: Fair

Madeline is usually referred to Maddie, though, she prefers to be called by Madeline instead. Her physical age is around 19 or 20, though her real age is long forgotten. She is usually described as:
Shy, Not really known for her... "Enthusiasm", quiet, not loud at all; even when she wants to be, and more
She can easily catch someone's eyes with her god forsaken figure, which she hates because it mostly attracts the men. She is usually found on her computer at home, or she is found at a cafe, park, whatever seems to be calming for her. She doesn't at all enjoy public fighting; whenever she notices a fight between some teenagers or others, she tries to break them up.
Her favorite activities include:
Hanging out with friends
some computer or console games like- Minecraft, or anything that doesn't have to do with blood and gore.
When she watches movies, she especially likes movies that involve a happy ending. (Basically every movie ever.)
Though, her favorite happens to be Titanic. With it having somewhat of a good ending.
<More to be added soon>

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