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{{So, I've been thinking about possibly making a new account for Fem!Canada....
It's not that I am bored with this Maddie...
It's that, I kinda want to make a new account for her.
I've had this account for two straight years. Soon going onto three.
But, I wanna start fresh, y'know?
Start new and meet new rp accounts! 
Maybe even get cute ship going on with someone!
I dunno, this is just a thought, I'm not sure wether to do it or not.
But, all I know is sense it's spring break for me, I may be on a lot more! 
So if you want to rp anything, shoot me a note sense my
messages are f*cking up _3_
so yea
just a thought... c:}}


Madeline Williams
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Madeline is a nation, She is known as Canada, or Fem!Canada as some say. She has one brother;
She loves her papa :iconfrukfrance:
And her other family member would be England, She bakes with england almost all the time :iconsconesandcupcakes:
She also is very in love with her lover :iconaskmmdprussias: Even the thought gives her the chills and blush. (I had to XD)
She loves her whole family pretty much. She Loves her friends as well, so try to make nice with her and you might be her friend~!
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((Thanks for the watch^^))
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Thank you for the watch~
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t-eenmaple Feb 15, 2014  New member
You need to stick up for yourself, Maddie. 

Here. *hands her a gun* 
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Feliciano smirked as he looked over, "Grazie for the watch bella."
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teamveneziano Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much for the watch(or should I say merci~ it's also ironic how I live in Canada) :)
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