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:heart: "Y-You're the only one that can never forget me..." :heart:
<none due to lack of activity from lover's account>
<Multi-Ship account>

"I-It's not like I... L-Like you or anything..."
:iconk-esekatze: "Thank you for the amazing uniform.. I-It means a lot.."
:iconwurstbeerandtraining: "Y-You're so kind to me and never seem to forget about me... T-Thank you..."

.:F.A.C.E. Family:.
"I will be there for you guys, no matter what, you are my family~"

M-My friends w-would never hurt me....

:icona-clockwork-dragon: "I have no idea how they couldn't hear us- And, you owe me for that water, China..."

:iconthe-southern-italian: "Well.... The past is the past, and we need to look to the future. Let's forget about all that happened.."

Just to make it clear...... You are NOT to go near ME, or my FAMILY, or my FRIENDS.
<pff u thought she had enimies->

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Maddeline Williams

Name: Maddeline M. Williams
Height: 5'3ft
Weight: 140 pounds
Country: Canada
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: 20
S/O: Pansexual (Only cares of personality)
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blonde/Orange (manga)
Dark Blonde (Axis Powers and World Series anime)
Blonde (Beautiful World anime)
Capital: Ottawa
Language(s): French, English, Canadian-French
Skin Tone: Fair
Birthday: July Fourth! No... No wait, July First- Heh-

Maddeline is usually referred to Maddie, though, she prefers to be called by Maddeline instead. Her physical age is around 20 or 21, though her real age is long forgotten. She is usually described as:
Shy, Not really known for her... "Enthusiasm"; quiet, not loud at all. Even when she wants to be, and more
She can easily catch someone's eyes with her god forsaken figure, which she hates because it mostly attracts the men. She is usually found on her computer at home, or she is found at a cafe, park, whatever seems to be calming for her. She doesn't at all enjoy public fighting; whenever she notices a fight between some teenagers or others, she tries to break them up. Or, heh, even maybe run away... She mostly runs away
Her favorite activities include:
Hanging out with friends
some computer or console games like- Minecraft, or anything that doesn't have to do with blood and gore.
When she watches movies, she especially likes movies that involve a happy ending. (Basically every movie ever.)
Though, her favorite happens to be Titanic. With it having somewhat of a good ending.
<More to be added soon>


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Pietro couldn't help but notice there had been a rather sharp increase in pretty foreign women lately. Where were they all coming from? That's right, he'd met Italy earlier, and now it was...?
"...Um.. Are you from around here?" He knew she wasn't, he'd heard her accent when he spoke. ...Buuut he still wanted to be sure, he didn't like making assumptions.
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